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  • started my morning with @seedscoffee Brazil Alta Mogiana- smooth and flavorful! thanks to @marylouisetaulbee for bringing it home :) #roaster #pourover #fairhope #bham #alabama

  • foyer table was a quick & simple build! #diy #wood #pipe #foyer #industrial #vscocam #fairhope

  • A long overdue process, we finally bit the bullet and built our own standing desks at work

    This combination of steel pipe, solid pine 2x12’s, & some special walnut stain make for a nice, industrial, & cost-effective way to renovate our workspaces while giving us the option to stand and work. 

    Major props to my boys Garrett & Stephen for helping & making this desk building a success! More major props go to Amanda for ideas & patience!

    Desks are 6ft long, 2ft deep, & almost 40in high

  • Had fun working on this concept for UMobile’s #BeliefinU campaign w/Hummingbird Ideas

  • "Big dreams are made of a thousand tiny actions"
  • new look. new pricing. new packages. fresh work. @marylouisetaulbee #website #blackandwhite #photography

  • Via Ryan Booth & The Lone Bellow

    I watched Ryan shoot some of this during TLB show at University of Mobile. I was so excited to meet him after following his work the past few years! His hard work, dedication, and eye for great art is an inspiration!

  • Picasso
  • "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."
  • The never ending challenge